Often referred to as Pembrokeshire’s hidden waterway, the Daugleddau Estuary, formed at the meeting points of the Eastern and Western Cleddau Rivers, snakes some 16 miles south, picking up the Carew and Cresswell rivers on its way to meet the sea at St Anne’s Head.

The Cleddau Project (www.thecleddauproject.org.uk) aims to shine a spotlight on this beautiful, diverse and extensive waterway whose good health is so vitally important for nature and for the people of Pembrokeshire.

But the Cleddau is in crisis. Decades of pollution from sewage, land run off, industry and other sources is severely compromising the health and habitats of the entire catchment ecosystem. “Our river is failing, and we need to act now to save it from irreversible decline,” says the Cleddau Project.

A public meeting, ‘What’s wrong and what can we do about it?’ will take place at 6.45pm on Friday, January 26 at Haverfordwest Rugby Club. All are welcome.