Tenby Community Fridge has steadily saved more and more food from going to landfill since its launch shortly after lockdown.

The Fridge is in the Old Chapel on Lower Frog St and is open the same hours as the community café: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 3pm.

On the evening before each day that the fridge is open, a volunteer goes round the local supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsburys and the Co-op, and collects any food they have put out for the fridge, which would otherwise be heading off to landfill. They drop the food around to the fridge ready for the morning volunteer to put out.

Each day that it is open, a volunteer visits in the morning to check the fridge temperature, make sure everything is clean and tidy, and put the food out that had been collected the evening before. In the afternoon, another volunteer comes in the check the temperature again, check the food to see if any has expired and needs to be put disposed of, and make sure everything is clean.

Over the five days, this involves a lot of volunteers, and they are always looking for people to fill gaps as current volunteers may have a change of circumstances which prevents them from continuing to fulfil their role.

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in helping to keep the fridge open and operating smoothly, get in touch with Anne on 07811 359686, leave a message on the Tenby Community Fridge page on Facebook or pop in to the Old Chapel and leave your contact details with them so that someone can get in touch with you. Half an hour a week could make a big difference!

If you are not able to volunteer, just popping in to the Old Chapel and seeing if there is any food in the Fridge that you could use up would also be a great help. Food that doesn’t get collected before it goes stale can still be used for animal food, but it’s much better for it to be used by someone while it’s fresh.