With Storm Henk causing multiple flood warnings and risks of disruption and damage, home expert, Matthew Harwood at Confused.com home insurance has issued some advice to homeowners.

– Pictures by Pembrokeshire Photography

“Storm Henk has brought strong winds and flooding to parts of the UK in the last 24 hours. And this may have caused damage to homes and gardens for many around the country.

Flooding at Tenby on Tuesday as the river Ritec overflowed
Land at Tenby submerged and roads impassible (Pembrokeshire Photography)

“Our research found that 1 in 10 (9%) have had their homes damaged in the past due to storms and strong winds. And as climate change continues, the risk of flood and storm damage is likely to increase.

“Homeowners might need to make a claim on their home insurance for any storm-related damage, such as leaks. If this is the case, here are the steps you should take before making a claim:

  • Get in touch with your insurer as they can advise on what your policy covers and the next steps
  • Have a thorough inspection of the house, taking photos of any damage and recording the date and time
  • Keep any damaged items for proof so that insurers can assess the extent of damage

“You might already have cover for flood damage in your buildings and contents insurance, but the level of cover could vary. So it’s worth checking with your provider. If you think might need more protection in the future, you could add flood insurance to an existing policy or take it out separately.”