On a dull and drizzly Saturday morning, volunteers from Carew Parish met to carry out a litter pick, concerned about the amount of litter and wanting to help.

County Councillor for Carew and Jeffreyston Ward Vanessa Thomas said: “We were delighted that so many adults and young people had joined us, it was great to see. 

The weather worsened, but the volunteers soldiered on and collected 15 bags of rubbish across Carew, Sageston, Milton, Redberth and Carew Cheriton.  

“We would also like to thank those in the Parish who were not able to join us on the day, and also those who litter pick on a regular basis throughout the year,” added Cllr Thomas.  “Thanks also to Iolo Hosker-Hicks, Cllr Simon Hosker-Hicks’ son, who designed our poster for us - brilliant job, well done! Finally thanks to all who helped in any way, and Johnny Sutton, Pembrokeshire County Council, and his team for arranging a prompt collection of the bags.”

Cllr Simon Hosker-Hicks helped in the effort that saw four full bags of alcohol and energy drink cans collected between Redberth and Pincheston Farm. “We were all so shocked about the amount of alcohol and energy drink cans we collected on our clean up,” he said.