A Nigerian singer and songwriter has released, ‘Marry Me’, a global wedding anthem - just in time for St Dwynwen’s Day! Watch the video here.

Samuel Aniekan, known professionally as BJ Sam, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. There’s no local connection, but, as it came freely into the Observer inbox, we’re proud to be able to share this artist’s latest joyful creation.

BJ Sam has been pouring out all his imagination, creativity, and talent into the pursuit of creating music that will bring joy, melody and brilliance to the universe.

In 2023, in response to the war in Ukraine, BJ Sam assembled 23 artists from all continents of the world to release a music video titled ‘Show some love’, asking Russians to drop their weapons and embrace peace.

Now, he has released a global wedding anthem “Marry me” with a visually stunning music video that captivates viewers attention from start to finish. 

Although the song is based on a repeated four-chord pattern, I’m sure you’ll agree it has plenty to hold interest, with beautiful flourishes of saxophone and guitar and masses of feelgood factor.

Many couples have been requesting for the song to be played at their wedding ceremonies. 

The global appeal of the song is underpinned by its bright visuals, juxtaposing views of a tropical paradise with equally picturesque snow-covered winter scenes.

Marry Me features other incredibly gifted world class musicians in the song including Greek guitarist Nikolas Gialtrinos, German born legendary saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe, Norwegian drummer Helge Hanssen, Swedish acclaimed musicians Magnus Rosen and Mikael Erlandsson. Little pretence is made that the musicians, seen in various idyllic backdrops, are actually playing their colourful instruments live, but you can nevertheless hear that the sounds are played, rather than programmed, despite the modern production vibe. 

BJ Sam is an international singer and producer who uses music to unite people of all races, backgrounds and cultures. He is available for music festivals, gigs and concerts.

Follow BJ Sam on @bjsammusic.

BJ Sam
BJ Sam’s global wedding anthem “Marry me” has a visually stunning music video that captivates viewers attention from start to finish. (BJ Sam)