Normal? Define “normal”!

The Addams family thrive off of the weird, unusual, usually unlikable aspects of life, but when they come face-to-face with “normal”, things get interesting. Saundersfoot Footlights are having a blast in rehearsals, working insanely hard, perfecting every song and dance to bring you an absolutely amazing show!

Each member of the cast gets a specific character and, even without any dialogue, gets to tell a story. The Ancestors are an integral part of this show, bringing to life a lot of dance numbers! Ancestors love watching the chaos unfold - and when is it not chaos with the Addams?

Saundersfoot Footlights present The Addams Family at the Regency Hall, May 27 - June 1.
The Ancestors (Saundersfoot Footlights)

This show is full of crazy moments, kooky characters, and a whole lot of love, especially when Morticia and Gomez come together in the ‘Tango De Amor’, and with an emphasis on the cast's health and wellbeing, the MD is there to help them all make this show sound incredible.

The Addams Family is full of iconic characters that won’t disappoint, and the costumes are so important in bringing the show to life.

The set and props team have the huge task of transforming The Regency Hall into The Addams Mansion - featuring their own little section of Central Park, and a graveyard; putting in hours and hours of measuring, and building, and painting to take everyone into the world of The Addams Family.

From light and sound, to smoke and pyrotechnics, the tech crew brings an amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise to Footlights, pushing faders and twisting dials.

Don't miss the crazy chaos from Monday, May 27 to Saturday, June 1 at the Regency Hall, Saundersfoot. Book through, or directly from the Regency Hall.