This December, the photographers on ‘Picture This’ have been celebrating the beauty of a winter day in Tenby.

The beauty of a winter day at Tenby
The beauty of a winter day (Ruth Ashworth)

The ‘Picture This: Tenby Observer photography club’ is a Facebook group where camera users of all abilities are welcome to share their shots. You don’t have to be local to join, but all the photos are of south west Wales or (occasionally) photos taken elsewhere by photographers living locally.

Professionals are as welcome as amateurs, but we do ask that photos are posted directly to the group and are free from advertising. On-picture 'watermarks' are fine, but we will always give credit where it’s due.

A sample of the pictures shared to the group is featured in the Tenby Observer and on the Tenby Today website.

To join Picture This, head to the Facebook group and ask to join. Be sure to answer the question and agree to the rules, and if you invite anyone, make sure they know about the rules and question requirement too.

Wishing all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.