Not many people can say they’ve performed on Broadway, but the superstars of Pembroke Dock’s Vibe School of Dance actually did it!

They started their adventure at Gatwick airport on Sunday afternoon, and after months and months of planning, arrived in Times Square, New York, ready to perform on Broadway!

Principal Hannah Davey said: “A once in a lifetime opportunity, it was incredible! My dancers smiled from ear to ear from the moment they got there. WOW! An incredible experience.”

She told the dancers: “I love you all so much, thank you for being the true professionals you are I will remember this moment forever.”

Vibe School of Dance dancers in New York
(Pic supplied)

The school thanks everyone who sponsored the dancers and the dance school, because without the support of the local community and businesses these amazing children would not have had the opportunity: Valero Energy, Enigma, Red Kite Solicitors, and Pembroke and Pembroke Dock town councils.

Bus hire company Jones Login deserve a mention. Even when flights were cancelled, delayed or moved to a different airport, they made sure still to collect the dancers.

Also in the vote of thanks are all the parents who helped with bingo events and raising as much as possible. “What a community we have behind us!” said Hannah.

The Principal declared she had never been so emotional over a performance as she shed tears of happiness and pride.

“I would have loved for moments/opportunities like this when I was younger, so to be able to give them to my students makes me the proudest teacher ever,” she added.

“What an incredible trip, watching these amazing children perform on Broadway. I will never ever forget it.

Hannah added her thanks to all the parents who travelled to New York with their superstars, and all the supporters back in Pembrokeshire who sent so many messages of support; they didn’t go unnoticed.