At the heart of Pembrokeshire, the Preseli hills are steeped in history and not a little mystery - and they’re the central theme of an exhibition at Narberth.

Admire your local mountain range as seen through the eyes of local artists. Rugged outcrops of rock were once clothed in forest, full of wild life, including boar and deer. The ancient name for the Preselis was Preswylva, meaning ‘place of residence’, where traces of prehistoric settlements have been discovered.

Ray Burnell, in his painting ‘Edge of the Preselis’ focuses on a standing stone, a rugged signpost, braving wind and weather, indicating an ancient route. In another painting, ‘Dawn of Morning Bright’, the winds sweep down to a sunlit foreground, turbulent clouds promising an imminent rainstorm.

Susan Sands, in her work "The Last Snows" enjoys the rush of melt water through a winter landscape surprisingly full of colour, and in her small picture ‘Mountain Goats’ she shows these sure-footed creatures against the skyline.

The Members’ Summer Exhibition at Oriel Q Gallery runs from July 27 until September 7.

The Gallery is open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 10am-4pm.