A Pembrokeshire man, born in Kilgetty and raised in Pembroke has published his first book at the age of 82.

Lou Lewis’s book The Station Road Sewing Circle, published by Welsh publisher Cambria Publishing, is a collection of short stories involving a group of determined women as they secretly investigate various mysteries, misdemeanours and minor criminal activities in a bygone Pembroke.

Lou, explained: “I didn’t retire from work until I was 76 – I left Pembroke to join the Royal Navy, did various jobs in industry and when I finally did retire – I decided to write a novel about my other hobby, ancient Egypt but I couldn’t interest any agents in that book.

“So, I then decided, at the end of lockdown, to start writing a series of short stories about my home town Pembroke where I grew up.

“The sewing circle ladies, there are 13 of them, represent the resourceful core of ladies, from all areas of Pembroke, that I knew when I was growing up. So, the places in the town are still there, the characters are reflective of some years ago, but of course the names and events have changed somewhat.”

Lou continued: “The whole thing, if you like, is a Welsh production – the publisher, the cover artist who has represented the main street in the 1950s and my good self. And the best part about it all, of course, was seeing the book as a real-life book in front of me, that was an achievement.”

Lou is now focused on writing a follow-up.

“It’s really taken off. I’ve never really retired, I’ve always had things on the go, so I’ve just got a new career at the age of 82,” he said.

“Another significant event for me this year; I am an Insulin-controlled diabetic, having been on Insulin for 50 years, I have been recently awarded a medal by The British Diabetic Association.

“So, 2023 has almost been a brand-new chapter for all of us. I would like to add that my wife (Gloria) of 58 years, has always supported me in all that I’ve done. In particular, she has assisted me in not letting diabetes get in the way of what I have wanted to do.”

The Station Road Sewing Circle is currently available for purchase on Amazon and at the Tenby Book Shop.