Pembrokeshire College’s innovative Destination Design Thinking Programme, launched as a pilot last September, has met with success.

The Destination Design Thinking Programme runs alongside learners’ main qualifications, aiming to cultivate a 21st-century mindset that blends creativity, idea generation, and entrepreneurial concepts. The programme prepares learners for various career paths, whether they aspire to start their own business or pursue other ventures.

Notable guests included professionals from Afanti Media, Spotify, and most recently, Blue Bolt, a renowned visual effects studio. Drawing from their experiences, they shared valuable insights into creativity, innovation, and business acumen. Blue Bolt's co-founder Lucy Ainsworth Taylor emphasised the importance of tenacity and perseverance in the industry, encouraging learners to build knowledge and experience.

In addition to mentorship opportunities, participants have gained valuable work experience, including involvement in an international extreme sports magazine and as runners on Katherine Jenkins’ Christmas Special, thanks to Emyr Afan from Afanti.

Creative Media Production learner Dylan shared his thoughts on the programme so far, “Working on the Christmas special as a runner was exciting. I did have imposter syndrome and it was crazy to be given the opportunity. In turn I feel more motivated, and it has opened my mind to more career opportunities and career directions.”

By engaging with such industry leaders and their stories, participants are also learning how to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

Hayley, Pembrokeshire College, said: “With Wales’s booming screen industry, it’s fitting that Pembrokeshire College has designed a programme to equip learners with the mindset and tools necessary to nurture a new generation of creative, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.”

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