New Christmas lights in Pembroke Dock were turned on last night, but the Christmas tree’s waiting for Santa’s arrival!

In Meyrick Street, they are in the cornucopia (horn of plenty) shape not unlike floating ice-creams; in Lower Meyrick Street they resemble poinsettias, while in Dimond Street they have the appearance of shooting stars.

Fitted on November 21, Pembroke Dock’s lights are brand new this year and are giving the town a sense of enchantment - like the magic ceiling in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter series!

Beyond the usual canopy of lights at the crossroads, the town’s Christmas tree remains in darkness.

All that will change on Friday, December 8 when Santa comes to town, by invitation of Pembroke Dock Town Council.

Leaving the Memorial Park at 6pm, Father Christmas will make his way via Bush Street, down Laws Street, through Dimond Street and arrive at Lower Meyrick Street to switch on the Christmas tree lights.

Pembroke Dock Santa poster
(Pembroke Dock Town Council)