A rather unconventional show, coming to the Torch Theatre in Pembrokeshire, looks at the pitfalls of trying to have it all.

Meet Rachel - a 20-something actress from Boro whose funny, celebratory and politically powerful one-woman play explores her true-life experience of weight gain from size eight to 18.

Written and performed by Rachel Stockdale and directed by Jonluke McKie, Fat Chance is a play that will ask all sorts of questions and raise eyebrows.

From audition nerves and throwaway comments to literally breaking a leg, this play is for anyone who has felt like they had to shrink themselves.

This is a play for anyone who has adapted to be more palatable to others; a play for anyone who's ever put on or lost weight and been treated differently; anyone who had free school dinners and anyone who feels that they don’t fit.

Fat Chance is one of those must-see shows, having received a rave review by the North East Bylines who gave the drama five stars.

The show was also described by The Arts Business as “a remarkable first production.”

And as NARC Magazine writes, why change ourselves?

“Juxtaposing sadness and laughter, Rachel’s story speaks to us all of how we look at ourselves and others. It poses the question: ‘Instead of trying to change you, why not try and see the beauty now?’

There is beauty in this performance. Like Rachel, let’s champion beauty and talent wherever we find them.

“The script is well considered... taking the audience on a roller coaster ride through the life and struggles of this incredibly stubborn (her words – and I would add ‘resourceful’) young woman, working out how to succeed with a career choice that sometimes feels more like self-harm than anything else.”

Fat Chance will be performed on the Torch Theatre stage on Wednesday, April 3 at 7.30pm. Suitable for ages 14+. Includes strong language and adult themes including "disordered eating (aka diet culture)".

For tickets, call the Torch Theatre Box Office on 01646 695267 or visit torchtheatre.co.uk .