“Watson, I’m sorry to say but they are dead, murdered, killed! This will be our toughest investigation yet, get my coat and my hat!”

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a detective? Are you a Poirot in the making? Well, look no further than the Torch Theatre this June, as Sherlock and Watson: A Murder in the Garden pays a visit.

When a body is mysteriously found lying in the middle of Landsdown Manor Gardens, the police have no option but to call on Sherlock Holmes and persuade him to take on his toughest case to date. With his loyal assistant Watson, our nation's top detective duo battles through baddies and villains to discover who is behind the murder in the garden.

Presented by award-winning comedy troupe Calf 2 Cow (The Jabberwocky), this brand-new adaptation is described as an outrageous comedy full of slapstick and pumped full of live music and rock n’ roll. With Milford Haven’s very own Samuel Freeman as one of the main characters, audience members will be in for an unforgettable treat, promises the town’s theatre, The Torch.

The brand-new detective tale, awarded four stars by the Arts Show and described as “A Perfect Treat”, is one not to be missed.

Celebrating all of Sherlock's wonder, mixed with a fresh take on a brand-new tale, Sherlock and Watson: A Murder in the Garden, will certainly be a comical night out that will leave you smiling. Suitable for 12 plus - there will be blood…

Sherlock and Watson: A Murder in the Garden heads to the Torch Theatre on Wednesday, June 12 at 7pm. For tickets, call 01646 695267 or visit torchtheatre.co.uk.