Through poetry, paintings, sculpture, embroidery and mixed media works, an exhibition, to be hosted by Westgate Church, Pembroke, calls us to celebrate the power and resilience of women.

Girls outstripping boys in grades across the UK has been a concern for some years and much has been implemented in schools to encourage boys. It begs the question of why some nations prevent girls from the chance to be educated. What a loss of potential for those countries and their young women!  

The National Women’s Day theme, 2023, is ‘Embrace Equity’ and over a dozen Pembrokeshire women have joined women from across Wales to express themselves in creative work in response to the theme from a Biblical perspective: ‘Biblical Women. Equity?’ The stories of the women in the Bible have been the source of inspiration for artists throughout history. Their struggles and triumphs resonate with us even today, they fought for their rights and challenged the status quo. 

Born and brought up in Pembrokeshire, art historian, Ann Brown and author of ‘Apology to Women’, will give an illustrated talk on Wednesday, July 26, at 7.30pm. 

On Friday, July 28, professional songwriter Andy Mayo and talented ceramicist Faye Mayo will present: ‘Ceramic Sculptures, Stories and Songs’, at 7.30pm. 

This touring exhibition with events is free and open to the public at Westgate Church, Commons Road, Pembroke from July 26-29, 10.30-4pm. 

Email: [email protected] for more information.