In an old house in Switzerland, portraits of world-famous writers Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and John Polidori have started behaving very strangely... Join Agents Kahlo and Dali of the Company of International Artists to work against the clock and sometimes against logic itself to solve the mystery at the Torch Theatre this October.

Spot clues, test your mettle and investigate historic evidence to uncover the truth with Midnight Mission. Is the house haunted, and if so, why..?

This interactive playable family theatre on Monday, October 30 at 2pm with nods to spoof horror and a broad streak of quirky comedy from award-winning theatre company Brave Bold Drama is brilliant theatre for the family.

The show is best suited to those aged 6+ due to the pace of the storytelling and deductive element, as a playable theatre show. The show contains no baddies or blackouts.

Midnight Mission will be on the Torch Theatre stage at Milford Haven on Monday, October 30 at 2pm. For tickets phone the Box Office on 01646 695267 or visit