Staff and pupils are delighted to be back at school after such an unsettled time of enforced closure.

Staff engaged the pupils remotely during the lockdowns by offering theme weeks and encouraging the pupils to get involved and share their efforts in areas such as baking, art and physical activities.

A competition was run in memory of Sir Captain Tom with pupils being asked to do 100 of something.

In the weeks leading up to the Easter break pupils were welcomed back in phases and were immediately engaged in exciting topics whilst allowing them time to reacquaint themselves with their peers and staff.

With a mixture of online and face to face sessions over the term, staff were able to take advantage of online sessions in place of educational visits.

These were provided by organisations such as Darwin Science and Silent World who would normally come into school or invite pupils out on field trips.

The school was also able to join in with Red Nose Day and Downs Syndrome Awareness Day by getting involved and dressing up to support these worthwhile causes.

The school was very fortunate to have been the recipient of not only Welsh Government IT funding recently but also many local organisations offered to support the provision of devices for pupils.

The lockdown periods have taught all a lot about the need to acquire and use digital skills. These new devices mean that more of the school’s pupils can access online provision and learn these vital skills.

As local businesses get back up and running the staff were able to invite Martha from M Williams Therapies in to school, on their INSET day, to deliver a wellbeing presentation and taster massage therapies.

This was a good reminder to staff about the need to look after their own wellbeing and to look out for pupils, colleagues and friends who might need support.

Staff are very much looking forward to working together with pupils, their families and the local community as we all return to what may be a new normal, but nevertheless a normal where everyone can all be safe and continue the learning journey at Stepaside School.