Young people from Pembrokeshire put some tough questions to a panel of councillors at two well-attended Democracy Matters Question Time events.

The two events were organised by Electoral Services and the Children and Young People’s Rights Office with representatives from secondary schools, youth groups and Pembrokeshire College attending.

Democracy Matters - chamber
(Pembrokeshire County Council)

Chairing both the morning and evening sessions was Pembrokeshire County Council Chairman Cllr Thomas Tudor who said it had been an honour to be involved.

Pembrokeshire County Council Chairman Cllr Thomas Tudor
Council Chairman Cllr Thomas Tudor (Pembrokeshire County Council)

“These amazing events give young people a voice to question elected councillors and officers of the authorities on issues that they are concerned with, and many thanks to all the young people who attended from schools, colleges and Youth Clubs.

“The thought provoking questions were amazing, and thanks to the panel members and organisers who facilitated this much needed opportunity for a debate event. I very much look forward to the next opportunity to chair or attend a similar event once again in the not too distant future.”

He was joined on the panel by Cabinet Member for Social Care and Safeguarding Cllr Tessa Hodgson, and Cabinet Member for Housing Operations and Regulatory Services Cllr Michelle Bateman. Along with former Chairman Cllr Pat Davies, Cllr Joshua Beynon, Sustainability (Well-being and Future Generations) Champion, and Cllr Delme Harries, Welsh Language and Children and Young Persons Champion.

Democracy Matters - the panel
The panel (Pembrokeshire County Council)

The young people were keen to put their questions and found out more about how the Council works from Cllr Tudor and his colleagues.

Democracy Matters - the young people
The young people (Pembrokeshire County Council)

There were some tough questions to the members with topics including school budgets, school safety, 20mph speed limits, Council funding gap, homelessness, the Welsh language and carbon footprints.

Democracy Matters - the evening group
The evening group (Pembrokeshire County Council)

As well as having their questions answered, those involved also found out more about how to get involved with democracy, the Council and Youth Assembly and how they can help to make a real difference. Don’t forget you have to register if you want to vote in elections. Register online via the UK Government website.

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