With a number of announcements over recent months about changes to the arrangements for people to receive their pensions, this has led to some confusion - so in Whitland the Post Office and Whitland Town Council are working together to provide two drop-in sessions in the New Year.  

There will be bank staff present, as well as representatives from the Pension Service and Post Office, with the aim of providing a one stop shop for you to find out more and update the way you will use to receive your pension.

Current Mayor and local post-master Barry Chapman, the champion for these events, explained:  “For some people in our society suddenly having to open a new bank account, which will involve form filling, travelling elsewhere to proof ID, etc., can be very very daunting and somewhat stressful.

“We are aiming to provide a relaxed atmosphere, here in Whitland, and with the support from various organisations we can make this process as easy as possible.

“It will also give relatives the opportunity to sign up for third party access/power of attorney for those most vulnerable if that is what people wish.

“It is so easy to forget that other people are not as confident with technology as you: for example, recently I came across a situation where a person’s a PIN was blocked through confusion.

“It took 4 days for a family member to be able to take the customer to a bank to be able to withdraw cash and reset their PIN.”

Regional Manager Rhianydd Thomas said: “The Post Office recognises that with more and more rural towns seeing the closure of their banks and the announcement that the Post Office Card Account which pensions  and benefits are paid to are closing 2021 - this incentive to allow customers to have a one stop shop will reduce the stress and anxiety on our more vulnerable customers especially those who live with dementia or mobility issues.

“We strongly support the incentive from Whitland.”