Concern has been expressed at the possible loss of a community amenity for young children in Stepaside.

Members of Amroth Community Council and representatives of the Play Area committee recently wrote to Pembrokeshire County Council in response to a public notice regarding the disposal of the play area in Stepaside, with concern expressed at its possible the loss.

The possibility of a community asset transfer (CAT) of the play area to Amroth Community Council was discussed at a recent meeting and after full and careful consideration of the matter it was decided that - the Community Council would not pursue an asset transfer of the Stepaside play area to itself, due to, among other things, the difficulty of maintaining the site.

It was also decided at the meeting that there was a need for an alternative play area for young children in Stepaside with more enhanced facilities than at present available.

A request is to be sent to PCC for a map showing all county council owned land in the Amroth Ward and in particular to ask for an indication of what PCC owned land there is in Stepaside that could be the subject of a CAT.

PCC has been requested to include in the conditions of sale of the existing play area a stipulation that the purchasers should pay for the removal of the existing play equipment and its installation in an alternative site in Stepaside, and pay for a suitable safe surface around the new installation.

In discussing other play area facilities in the ward, it was also reported at the recent Amroth Community Council meeting that an ‘Expression of Interest’ has been submitted to the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant Scheme for funds to replace the wooden junior multi-play at Summerhill, which has been approved for a full application.

There had been two monitoring points picked up on the recent installed play equipment. Both low level and monitor status rather than a safety issue.

The repair to the fencing had been delayed due to delays in obtaining new quotes.

The cost of fencing has increased; however, this has been offset by savings made when the new play equipment was purchased.