‘Keep your children in as much as possible’ a Pembroke Dock councillor pleads.

Clr. Paul Dowson has issued an online plea after seeing groups of children “hanging about or roaming the streets together in groups” despite the government call for everyone to stay home.

Restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus include only going to the shops by yourself for necessities, only taking one form of exercise a day and keeping two metres apart from other people.

Clr. Dowson urges parents to “keep your children in as much as possible during this difficult time.”

He adds: “This is not a school holiday or a long weekend off school. This is basically a time when acting responsibly could be the difference between your elderly or disabled neighbour living or dying.

“It may be less bother for you as a parent to get the kids out of the house and out from under your feet, but your inconvenience means nothing compared to the lives of others in this country.

“Most parents realise the gravity of the situation and I commend them for their sensible attitude towards this current epidemic and keeping their children safe.

“Please know where your children are and what they are doing. Please ensure they are not in groups of more than two people and please educate them to the reality of the Covid 19 outbreak.”