PEMBROKE Bridge Club plays duplicate bridge at 1pm on Tuesday afternoons in Lamphey Village Hall and via Bridge Base Online on Fridays at 7pm. Recent results:

Friday, May 31 – 10 Tables: 1st N/S  Martin & Aileen Neilan; 2nd Keith Robins & Sheila Wragg; 3rd  Clare Neale & Emma Alsford; 4th Peter Milewski & Mike Baker; 1st  E/W Tony Parsons & Sue Mackenzie;  2nd Ian Haston & Julie Milewski; 3rd  Carmel Wiseman & Peter Oeppen; 4th Tony Cookson & Irene Delahunty.

Tuesday, June 4 – 7 Tables at Lamphey: 1st Irene Warlow & Pam Evans;  2nd Clare Neale & Emma Alsford; 3rd Tony Cookson & Mike Baker; 4th Kath & Tony Brown; 5th Tina Torkington & Pauline Davies.

Friday, June 7 – 8 Tables: 1st N/S  Tony Cookson & Peter Milewski; 2nd Jackie Theeton & Tom Green; 3rd Ian Haston & Julie Milewski; 4th Tim Dean & Sonia Griffiths; 1st E/W Linda Bennett & John Parsons; 2nd Clare Neale & Emma Alsford; 3rd Martin & Aileen Neilan; 4th Lin White & Jackie Stabler.

Tuesday, June 11, 7 Tables at Lamphey: 1st Tony Cookson & Mike Baker; 2nd Irene Delahunty & Brenda Harris; 3rd Derek Early & Cindy Middleton; 4th John Seal & John Bowen.

Friday, June 14 – 8 Tables: 1st Mike Baker & Peter Milewski; 2nd  Adrian Thomas & Tony Disley; 3rd Mike Lawler & Betty O’Keefe; 4th  Bob McKay &  Frances Williams; 5th Gareth Jones & Cindy Middleton.

Tuesday, June 18 – 8 Tables at Lamphey: 1st N/S Tony Cookson & Mike Baker; 2nd Derek Earle & Cindy Middleton; 3rd Liz Crockford & Kevin Thomas; 4th  Helen Morgan & Pat Frances; 1st E/W  Graham Hadlow & Wayne Jenkins; 2nd Liz Richardson & Anne Dalziel; 3rd  Irene Warlow & Pam Evans; 4th John Seal & John Bowen.

Friday, June 21 – 9 Tables:  1st N/S Carmel Wiseman & Peter Oeppen; 2nd Ian Haston & Julie Milewski;  3rd Tony Parsons & Sue Mackenzie; 4th John Griffith & Sue Mackenzie; 1st E/W Tony Cookson & Irene Delahunty; 2nd Gareth Jones & Cindy Middleton; 3rd Jackie Theeton & Tom Green; 4th Martin & Aileen Neilan.

Visitors and new members are always welcome. Contact Irene Delahunty on 078 798 56512 or email [email protected]. —IG