MID and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is currently recruiting for On Call Firefighters at their Carmarthenshire stations of Carmarthen, Llandysul and Newcastle Emlyn.

If you live or work within 10 minutes of Carmarthen, Llandysul or Newcastle Emlyn fire stations and are reasonably fit and healthy, you could be of service to your local community.

If you are interested in becoming an On-Call Firefighter, ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you someone who can always be relied on to be somewhere on time?
  • Are you committed to maintaining your physical fitness?
  • Are you committed to always maintaining and developing your skills?
  • Do you have the sensitivity to deal with members of the public when they are distressed, confused, or being obstructive?
  • Can you get on with people from different backgrounds and cultures? Can you work as part of a close-knit team?
  • Do you work well under pressure and think on your feet and solve problems?

If so, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service would like to hear from you!

On-Call firefighters get paid to respond to emergencies. They do not staff the fire stations 24 hours a day, like full-time firefighters, but get notified of an emergency call via a personal pager, which they carry with them when they are on duty.

Most On-Call Firefighters have other jobs with an agreement from their employers to leave to attend an emergency call if required. Others are available outside typical working hours like evenings, weekends, or between school runs.

If you are successful in your application to become an On-Call Firefighter, we will provide you with all the training and support required to respond to emergency incidents such as property fires, road traffic collisions, and incidents involving flooding, rescues from height, and many other specialist emergency calls. You will also receive training to deliver Community Safety advice that will help keep people safe in their homes and communities.

In addition to having an exciting career, you will earn a salary-based pay and, from your induction day as an On-Call Firefighter, you will be able to contribute to the Firefighters Pension Scheme (Wales 2015).

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service also work with local employers to release their staff to respond to emergency incidents.

Further information about the role of becoming an On-Call Firefighter can be found on Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s website https://www.mawwfire.gov.uk/eng/join-us/on-call-firefighter/

To speak with somebody about the role of an On-Call Firefighter, please contact our Human Resources Department on 0370 6060 699 or email [email protected]