MID and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has recently appointed Rob Makepeace to the role of Watch Manager within the Pembrokeshire Community Safety Team.

With 21 years of experience as a firefighter, Rob is relishing the opportunity to help Pembrokeshire residents make their homes safer and reduce the risk of fires.

Also known as a Safe and Well Visit, Home Fire Safety Checks are effective in reducing the risk of a fire at home, securing a property, preventing trips and falls, raising awareness of scams and tackling loneliness and isolation. This is a service that Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service provides, FREE OF CHARGE.

Keen to start the work of making people’s homes safer, Watch Manager Rob Makepeace said “Having seen the destruction a fire can cause to a home, I’m really enthusiastic to help people protect the things that they hold most dear to them.

Despite being in the midst of a heatwave, many of us will be thinking about the growing cost of heating our homes during the winter months and some people might be considering alternative ways of keeping warm. Please do seek the advice of our Home Fire Safety Team to ensure that you heat your home in safely and responsibly.

We want to help people feel safe at home by advising on home security, raising awareness of potential scammers and taking on the issue of loneliness and isolation.

I would also like to reassure people, that when visiting your home, our staff will adhere to all safety guidelines, in relation to COVID-19, that have been issued by the Welsh Government.”

You can book a Home Fire Safety Check for yourself, a family member or someone in your community that you know would like our help, by phoning 0800 169 1234 or visiting https://www.mawwfire.gov.uk/eng/your-safety/in-your-home/safe-and-well-visit/.