After a period of sustained rainfall, and with ground conditions now saturated, water levels have risen in the Pill adjacent to Lower Priory, Milford Haven.

Water entered one property – the public house at Lower Priory.

The Fire and Rescue Service provided an operational and tactical response and attended Lower Priory last night.

Pembrokeshire County Council operatives also attended and sand bags were deployed.

The Council continues to work closely with the Fire and Rescue Service to review this situation.

“The forecast indicates showery spells, then a longer period of rain developing across the county during Sunday night until first light on Monday morning,” said a Pembrokeshire County Council spokesperson.

“The forecast indicates rainfall totals look as if they will be much less than we have seen last night and earlier in the week.

“Further spells of rain are likely again on Monday night and Tuesday morning and again during Tuesday night and into Wednesday, although similarly at the moment the rainfall amounts do not look as large as we have seen at times this week.

“The Council has reviewed the situation, and given the forecast prediction and the situation as it stands, no specific additional actions are planned for Lower Priory area.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and work with Fire and Rescue service to evaluate the risks and respond accordingly.”