Mrs Molly Bradley-Kidd, of Manorbier, will be 100 years old on February 23. She has many a tale to tell, lunch with Prince Philip in Suez, and much more...

Molly was born on February 23, 1924 in Istanbul, Turkey and lived there for many years with her mother, father and other family members. Her grandfather worked in Istanbul and had many meetings with the sultan. She spoke Turkish and still can to this day! 

Following Molly’s education in England and her family moving to Egypt, she then taught at the English school in Cairo. Her Mother helped in all sorts of ways when it was needed, whilst her father worked for an oil company.

Granddaughter Anne relates:

“It was in Suez that she and her parents were invited to lunch at the consulate, her parents were friends of the Page family who resided at the consulate. Prince Philip’s ship was docked there, so he was invited along with two other officers. When she asked the headmaster for the morning off to attend the lunch, he replied: ‘Who am I to prevent you from having lunch with Prince Philip?’

Gran chatted with the prince before lunch, when he told her that Prince Charles, now King Charles, was two years old. On the way through to the Dining Room Prince philip said, ‘Aah! Bisto’, but Gran said it was a curry smell; he was being funny!

“After lunch, the Prince went swimming and she was very concerned as he had only just had lunch; Eton mess was the pudding.”

Molly lives in Manorbier in her own home. She spent many years raising money for the NSPCC and has a tremendous amount for St James Church and the village with her late husband Milton.

She will be inviting family and friends to the house on her 100th birthday, Friday, February 23, 11am-3pm and a family lunch the next day. 

“Two parties, just like the Queen,” added Anne.