New Whitland Mayor means business!

By Observer Reporter in Politics

Clr. Frank Connor-Hughes was appointed as the new Mayor of Hendy Gwyn Ar Daf, Whitland, at the town’s annual general meeting.

On his appointment that was unanimously supported by all present that evening, Frank, as he prefers to be addressed, was honoured to accept: “I feel that my time spent at meetings previously as an observer has really helped me see the workings of a town council and as it is always easier to see areas of change from outside, I shall be bringing with me many new ideas to further the growth and strength of the community that the previous councils have built.”

On his first night, he was listing many new thoughts for the council to consider, including a town council drop-in centre combined with a Tourist Information Centre in the heart of the town to make the town council’s involvement in projects and future considerations visible to all who wish to come along and look.

“This shall enable the people of the area to see in black and white what we do every year, comment, suggest and become involved in, if they wish,” Frank said. “Combining this with a much-needed tourism information centre makes great sense and forms a ‘High Street’ presence and approachable hub for the community.”

Further to this, he was able to put forward for consideration ideas to boost the tourism of the area, better links to the town’s unique history, as well as look at different approaches to development on the old dairy site and the continued outside investment in the town by local and national companies and entrepreneurs.

“I have been busy in my first week already and, with support from other members of the council, I have been able to get in touch with a few of the key people in the area as investors to the community, as well as making myself known to many more of the people throughout the town,” Frank continued. “I would really appreciate the people of Hendy Gwyn to feel that they can approach me at any time to raise any issues, ideas or plans they would love to see implemented and acted on in our community. I am a hands-on Mayor who takes this responsibility very seriously and shall do my utmost to ensure the town grows and prospers while I am in office.”

As a local mind and body therapist at Enigma in the town centre, Frank works with people every day from the locality, as well as from far afield. He arrived in Hendy Gwyn almost five years ago from the Rhondda valleys and really understands the meaning of community.

Being an ex-serviceman of the REME and a self-employed aircraft engineer, he also has experience in many other areas of business, from magazine ownership to sales, marketing, event management, youth work and construction. At 47 years of age, he has gained an incredible amount of experience, which he passes on to any and all who wish to sit and chat.

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