Tenby Golf Club: The Final - Finally!

By Observer Reporter in Golf

At last the weather relented, and the Chicken Trotters’ End of Season competition and luncheon was able to be held on Friday, March 10 - Hurrah! A glittering array of trophies - the Danny Carew Putter, the Norman Badham Cup and the Booker Prize - was on offer, and the Trotters flooded in to compete for the silver and the glory. As usual, several of the Trotters who no longer play attended just for the lunch, as did the guests who were invited by the Trotters.

Another tradition was followed, the ‘Bring and Win’ raffle, which as its name suggests, involves providing a prize, which entitles you to win a prize - Oh the excitement!

The weather was very kind, not at all cold, a little cloudy and a breeze rather than a wind, and the tournament was played fairly rapidly, enabling the Chief Trotter to calculate, correlate and record the scores before lunch was served. Sadly two of our invited guests were unable to attend because of the change of date - the Captain, and our sponsor Marion Hutton were missed at the top table - but it was a pleasure to entertain the slick administrative team that is Marilyn and David, freed from their desks for a brief burst of socialising!

Another tradition, ham, egg and chips was prepared by our head chef Lee, elegantly served by the two lovely Emmas and devoured with gusto by the diners, who were keen to finish lunch and discover who had won what - and which prize they would collect in the raffle!

And so, after 18 Chicken Trotter outings, starting on October 7, 2016, and ending on this day, the prizes were distributed as follows:

The Danny Carew Putter, competed for in a 15 hole stableford tournament by Trotters under 70-years-old: In fifth place with 19 points - David Rees; in fourth place with 28 points - Peter Ellis; in third place, winning 90p with 31 points (back six) Neil Dickinson; in second place, winning £1.20 with 31 points (back three) - defending champion Allen Watts. In first place, winning £1.50 and the Putter with 31 points (back three) - Chief Trotter Steve Cole.

Now when you study the photographs you will see Steve, Neil and Meurig Jones clutching the Putter - the explanation is that Allen had to leave, and Meurig - who scored the only two of the day on hole six, winning 85p, felt that he should be on a photograph somewhere!

The Norman Badham Cup, competed for in a 15-hole stableford tournament by Trotters over 70 years of age: In fifth place with 25 points, winning 30p - Meurig Jones (again!); in fourth place with 27 points (back three), winning 60p - Stan Hudson; in third place with 27 points (back three) - Tony Ranoe; in second place with 29 points, winning £1.20 - Mike Fox. In first place with 31 points, winning £1.50 and the Cup - Des Stone. The photograph shows Des and Mike; camera-shy Tony had to leave early.

The Booker Prize, competed for by Trotters of any age, comparing the best five scores over the season. This year, Paul Bradley, Steve Cole and Des Stone all scored 145 points, so that the result was determined by a countback over their highest scores. Their top scores were all the same, their second best scores were the same - but - Des Stone’s third best score beat the other two. A very close run thing - and the prize goes to Des Stone As you will see from the photograph, dear reader, Steve Cole suffered a burst of narcolepsy - initiated by the disappointment of losing to Des!

And finally, The Early Birds - Vince Shaw, Spike Evans, Pat Rees and John Hancock, were reunited at the lunch, and for post-lunch drinks. Old times were remembered, old friends recalled and obviously, judging by the glasses on the table, a good time was had by all (until about 7 pm actually!) - see you next year chaps……..


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